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To encourage reading habits in children and to make them friends with books, we have developed a state-of-the-art library. Our school library equips our students with lifelong learning skills and develop in them creative thinking and imagination with the collection of books catering to ages from 3 to 11plus. And enable them to live as ideal and responsible citizens.
The school is equipped with the latest Computer technology, Desktop, Laptops, Printers and Internet facility are part of computer lab. Students are regularly taught all the new concepts in computer technology and they are allowed to actively participate in the demonstration. Our specially trained computer faculty will put all their efforts to make the child computer wiz-kid.

School environment and campus plays an important role in the learning of the students .KPS building is centrally air conditioned that provides a conducive and comfortable environment,wherein the students are unperturbed by the changing weather conditions and assist them to concentrate much better.

The school is maintaining an excellent fleet of comfortable air-conditioned school buses that operate on extensive routes across South Delhi and Faridabad. Safety of the students is the primary concern of the school.Hence they are driven by trained drivers. Each bus has a trained attendant, first aid kit and CCTV camera fitted in them.
We believe that Primary stage lays the foundation for a child’s future and hence we take the utmost care to make this foundation strong and sturdy. A perfect ambience for learning is created where each of the classrooms is equipped with Smart boards, multimedia content and audio-visual teaching aids. It also acquaints the learners with new age learning methodologies.


All children of the school are subjected to regular medical check up to ensure optimum growth at all stages of childhood. All students are under the supervision of a medical expert. A medical professional monitors the students, advises and regulates the life style such as exercise, diet, medicines and vitamins intake.


Students are welcomed to train in Indian vocal music and traditional instruments. We strongly believe that apart from nurturing talent, Indian music is an ideal catalyst for children to be firmly rooted to our culture and heritage.
Keeping pace with contemporary times and taste, western music classes are a huge source of joy and enthusiasm with our students.

The Indian and Western Dance classes symbolise a great sense of sprit, participation and enthusiasm among our children.
Games & Sports are an essential part of our educational journey to develop overall personality of the child.
KPS lays great emphasis on sports and games. There are regular and ample timing for sports. The School has a large playground and provides all facilities for various indoor & outdoor sports and games such as : Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Yoga, etc.

School provides to its students an Olympic-sized swimming pool which is well kept by the school authorities. This swimming pool provides its students with all the basic equipment and a place to practice and make their swimming skills even finer. The school's swimming team is sponsored by Reebok. The school's swimming pool is used to conduct different swimming competitions be it inter-house or inter-school.

Resourceful fun Learning Zones:
The Indoor play room is particularly useful in enhancing life skills in small children. The room is well stocked, with non-toxic toys and equipment, as per the theme and learning objective. The outdoor play area at our play schools include splash pool, swings, slides and a fun train ride. Children learn to co-exist and share, as well as to enhance gross motor skills - thereby making this an ideal fun learning zone for the children.
The school's Hi-tech Auditorium "Sanskriti" is a bonanza given by the management to the school students. The beautiful auditorium has a capacity to house all the students under one roof. Its grand dais, rich curtains, good lighting and sound system inspires every student to look forward for a chance to perform. The auditorium provides a common platform where the latest talents of students are nurtured. The auditorium is the cultural centre of the school for budding and
creative artists.
Freedom of expression and indulgence in simple pleasures are important elements of a child's personality traits. Our budding artists are trained to sketch or paint in black and white, paint tiles, make multifarious collages, glass painting and block painting. They are left free to portray their ideas. Use of different mediums of colours is also an inherent part of the regular training.
Craft and clay modeling classes enthuse children to explore their creativity and powers of expression. More importantly, the children thoroughly enjoy teamwork and peer interaction during these sessions.