Class 5 Presentation
The students of classes V A & B presented a cultural programme on the topic "The Power of Five." on 1st August,2018. The students learnt the importance of the union of five elements of Nature, Nutrients, Sense Organs, Seasons,and Five Fingers and their contribution to the Human Life.

The students of classes V C & D beautifully presented themselves on the topic :- Unity through a cultural programme on 2nd August, 2018, which gave the message of unity in one or  the other way i.e. Unity of Nation, Unity of our Body Parts & Unity in Family. "United We Stand, Divided we Fall."

On 3rd August, 2018 the students of class V E showcased their class presentation on the topic" Impact of Social Media on Youth". The students learnt both the positive and negative impact of social media and through their presentation they gave the message that one should use social media only for betterment and not get addicted to it.