KPS/ CR- 10 / Dt:29/08/17 

Developing Good Reading Habits

It is very important to develop reading habits in your child as this inculcates positive imagination and creative thinking in the child and makes the brain more active. A child with a positive reading habit will be more imaginative and creative . Being exposed to these good habits will help children become stronger readers and students .

As parent, please inculcate and develop reading skills in your child.

Ø  Ways to help develop reading habits in your child .

Ø  Reading yourself.

Ø  Discuss what you have read.

Ø  Share your experience about reading as a child.

Ø  Let your children choose.

Ø  Acknowledge the child progress and success.

Ø  Take your children to the bookstore.

By taking these steps at home, you will not only encourage your children to read – you will help them succeed in the classroom and beyond!!

Despite the digital revolution reading books and newspaper continue to play a key role in improving students knowledge. And hence Mondays & Thursdays have been fixed for dictation and reading in school.

Please help your child to prepare for the same.