Extracurricular activities are a great way for kids to focus on their strength and passions. These activities can build up a child’s confidence. They can help him/her improve social skills, develop interests and inspire to try new things.

Kindly motivate and enroll your children in activities like; Art & Craft/Music/Dance/Yoga/Sports etc. along with academic endeavors.

Here are six ways to improve your child’s self esteem with extracurricular activities.

Ø  Focus on strength.

Ø  Nurture a subject your child enjoys.

Ø  Encourage participation in athletics without pressure.

Ø  Look for activities that may develop your child’s skills.

Ø  Be on look out for a hidden talent.

Ø  Look for activities that may help with social skills.

Key Take aways

Ø  Extracurricular activities help kids have positive social interaction.

Ø  Out of school activities help kids focus on their interest instead of their challenges.

Hence, we earnestly urge you to encourage your children to learn /participate in the field of their interest.