KPS Hostel provides the best alternative for home for those away from home specially for those students, who have to suffer because of the frequent transfer of their parents from one place to another. It has separate wings for boys & girls students. Hostel imbibes in students a regulated life, self discipline and healthy competitive character. KPS hostel with its modern infrastructure in a calm and serene atmosphere provides within school premises all that is required for an ideal residential school. Hostel dormitories are well ventilated specious and furnish with latest modern facilities; care is insured for a very high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. For the growing students food provided in the hostel is perfectly balanced and highly nutritious. Every minute activity in the hostel is plant and personally supervised by the hostel warden. 

The Library hall is big & Spacious & Equipped with good storage & Display furniture. It has large Collection of books on different subjects for different age groups. There are encyclopedias & Latest reference books on all subjects. Efforts are made to crest & Promote the reading habits among the students. Open shelf system has been adopted where students can have direct access to the books. Books are issued for carrying home for a week. The library has become digital along with internet access which will surely enhance the knowledge of its staff & Students. 

The entire students at KGI Complex, New Delhi are facilitated for the safest and well maintained transport vehicles to cover the entire city up to all the possible extent. The service is being offered with all the safety measures and well trained operating personals. The service is being provided in order to facilitate all students to the city traffic life and to save time for the commutation purpose. For refer the brochure of the KGI, New Delhi. 

Social Science Labs Adequate & Modern teaching aids are available to Teachers besides charts, maps & Models. Epidiascope, slide projector, over head projector are frequently used in lecture & quiz programmers. Mathematical toys & intelligent games are regularity used in classes. 

Computer Labs
This is the age of information technology & KPS has three computer labs each having 30-40 computers. Every child from nursery to class XII has access to computers. This is to keep our students abreast with the emerging trends. The school has its own website. 

Science and Other laboratories 
The school has well equipped lab of physics, chemistry, biology and home science. These are equipped with latest apparatus and all facilities are available for conducting the practical. 

Medical Facilities 
A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. The school has its own dispensary where a doctor and a nurse are available for consultation and help during school hours. The school dispensary takes care of the minor illness and injuries in the school itself. Regular medical check-ups are done for all students from time to time. Lectures, workshops are also arranged from doctors of the reputed hospitals. 

The Schools hi-tech auditorium (Sanskriti) is a bonanza given by the management to the school students. The beautiful auditorium has a capacity to house all the students under one roof. Its grand dais, rich curtains, good lightening and sound system inspire every student to look forward for a chance to perform. The auditorium provides a common platform where the latest talents of students are nurtured. The auditorium is the culture center of the school for budding and creative artists. 

Games and Sports Features 
Games and sports are initial part of our educational training to develop overall personality of the child. The vast play ground with its badminton, tennis courts, cricket pitch and the sports complex provide all incentives for outdoor and indoor games. Facilities like gymnasium, Karate, Horse ridding have also been provided. The schools swimming pool is half the size of Olympiad swimming pool and its membership is opened to its students. Students go for swimming classes during school hours under the supervision of the swimming coach. 

Swimming Pool 
A hygienic swimming is maintained in the KGI complex at Alaknanda, New Delhi with the utmost care and maintenance of the pool. The Pool is highly cared off to have for all the facilities and required maintenance services should be provided at the pool. The highly proficient trainee is deployed over there to take care and training at the pool. All the member students use the pool under the supervision of the swimming coach only. 

School Club 
The Belief & the meeting of the life taught & Exposed to each. This is achieved though caring & instilling a sense of commitment in each student into loving what they do & sharing their talent & skill with other. Creative thinking here is the essence of success,& the attitude & enthusiasm are its core parts. This is meaningfully reflected in all the innovative modules & strategies that KPS adopts. A standing example of these is the varied clubs. 

Cultural Activities
Apart from academics, extracurricular activities play a major role in the overall personality development of an Individual. Participation in cultural activities gives the chance to students to develop the confidence and it also equips them with the skills of organizing, management and problem solving.
The Kalka Education college organizes cultural events and other programs throughout the year. These activities not only showcase the talent of students and faculties, but also bring Celebrities and Top Personalities to campus to share their ideas on business, politics, religion, medical cases, art and many other topics. Kalka has always tried to challenge its students to be citizens of the college and the world in the broadest possible way. Our aim is to encourage students to learn as much as they can, “The cultural life is the Heart of any civilized society and the Soul of any civilized person”.

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