The Institute has marvelous infrastructure with high tech equipments, specious and more than the requirement needed, as per norms; with separate hostels for boys and girls in the campus.

Lecture Rooms : The lecture rooms at the institute are well established with all modern facilities . Air-conditioned lecture halls are fitted with all modern electronic gadgets empowering the teacher with access to global and contemporary methods of teaching. All classrooms are spacious and well ventilated. 

Library: The vibrant hub of intellectual amalgamation i.e. library is aesthetically designed to provide readers comfort in all domains. Today, the library has approximately 6580 books comprising of 476 titles. The books accounting is being processed through software. The state of the art networked infrastructure via. Internet provides national and international libraries. At present the institute has subscribed to sixteen journals including six international. The book bank facilities provided to the students are being well appreciated.

Computer Lab:The computer labs in the academic blocks and individual network facility in the hostel rooms make easy access to the material required for studies by the students at any time. It is designed, laid out and equipped so ergonomically that students and trainees can spend hours together at their computer terminals without fatigue. The total infrastructural facilities available at the computer centre in terms of hardware and software enable the students to develop their skills. The institute is equipped with computers having Intel Pentium Dual core processors connected through local area network to leverage the power of IT to make the process of learning more informative and entertaining.

Engg. Drawing and Graphics Lab : It is well said that the Engineering drawing is the language of engineers. This Laboratory introduces the student to engineering drafting as a means of technical communication and provides a firm foundation for working in engineering design and drafting divisions in industry. Computer aided drafting is used extensively in the course. In this lab student is enabled to have an introductory level of CAD skills which has become a compulsion in the modern industry.

Engg. Mechanics lab: The Engineering Mechanics Laboratory is a subject which will help engineers to understand the application of theory that he has studied in practice by performing experiments and verifying results. Besides the above, the objective of the curriculum with effective skill will be developed in them to observe experimental data, and to analyze the results. These topics of this curriculum will certainly build their confidence in performing the utilization of principle of mechanics in engineering works. 

Manufacturing Practices Lab: The workshop with a diverse collection of machine tools, hand tools and measuring instruments. The labs facilitated in the central workshop are as: 

. Machine shop
. Welding shop
. Smithy & foundry shop
. Carpentry shop
. Fitting shop
. Sheet metal shop 

All shops are established as per the AICTE norms with best machines/equipments consistent with the educational requirements

Microprocessor Lab: The laboratory provides facilities to understand the architecture of latest microprocessor and microcontroller and their various application in the field of Instrumentation and automatic control. This lab also provides the complete knowledge about programming and interfacing to other devices with the various type of microprocessor.

Electronics Engg. Lab-I: Electronic lab is one of the basic laboratory among all the laboratories of the ECE department from where electronics starts. It consist basic equipments of electronics such as diodes, OP-Amps, transistors, BJT, FET etc. In this lab students learn how these devices works, what is its operation, use of these devices & what their applications are in practical life.

Electronics Engg. Lab-II:
Digital Electronics Lab helps the students to understand the concept of switching theory and logic design. The various high quality and precise apparatus available in the laboratory helps the scholars to synthesis various electronic circuits and to study them. The students perform several logical and algebraic manipulations in the laboratory which provides a new horizon to their innovative minds.

Professional Communication Lab: Professional Communication Lab focuses on language enrichment, grammar and fluency. The Digital Language Lab has Software which focuses on listing, speaking, reading and writing skills of students to enhance their confidence level and gear them up for global challenges.

Self learning is encouraged through voice recorder, pronunciation techniques, speech of well known personalities, short conversations etc.

Electronic Measurement Lab: This lab consist of study of CRO voltmeter, ADC, DAC , Kelvin bridge Wheatstone bridge etc. With help of CRO we can generate the waveform of different circuit function generator is also the part of EIM lab its finds out o/p of circuits a wide application in communication lab IC lab & Electronics lab etc. 

Other labs are:
Electrical Engg. Lab
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